Woman wearing face mask

With a quickly spreading pandemic, Avamere at Cheyenne staff are taking extra precautions to ensure resident health and safety.

Here are a few of our existing and new guidelines.

Visitor policy

Currently, no visitors are permitted at Avamere at Cheyenne except under certain circumstances, such as end-of-life.

Permitted visitors and staff must be screened, and no one with a respiratory illness can visit.

If permitted to visit, a resident is allowed two visitors at a time, and we ask all visitors to limit movement and touching surfaces.

Following hygiene guidelines

We’re already cautious when it comes to hygiene, but in times like these, we ask our staff and permitted visitors to follow these official guidelines:

  • Wash your hands regularly throughout the day for at least 20 seconds at a time.
  • Use hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol – we’ve equipped the office so you can find one anywhere.
  • Avoid touching your face – especially eyes, nose, and mouth – with your hands.
  • Cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough or sneeze.
  • Open the windows regularly to ensure regular fresh air flow.

Supporting employees

As part of The Avamere Family of Companies (AFC), Avamere at Cheyenne has new employee guidelines amongst COVID-19.

AFC implemented special measures, allowing employees additional PTO, daycare financial assistance, and free food and snacks while on duty. AFC is also hiring temporary staff for anticipated rising staff needs.

Working closely with the CDC

AFC leaders are monitoring the outbreak and working closely with federal, state, and local health officials to promote patient and resident safety and health. Our trained staff have experience handling infectious diseases and will act accordingly with recommended protocols.

The Avamere Family of Companies will continue to monitor the situation and work diligently to coordinate our efforts with official recommendations.