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Respite care gives hard-working caregivers some well-deserved time off while ensuring their loved ones are cared for with kindness and expertise. If you’re looking for the best respite care in Las Vegas, Avamere at Cheyenne would love to meet with you.

We are known not only for our compassionate 24/7 staffing but also for giving primary caregivers peace of mind during their breaks. We offer engaging activities, nutritious meals, and personalized care for your loved one. Let us make your life easier and give you the break you deserve.

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Benefits of Respite Care

Why Get Respite Care for Your Loved One?

Here are some of the many reasons to consider respite care in Las Vegas for seniors:

Help With Caregiver Burnout

Respite care is like having an extra set of hands, providing somewhat of a vacation for caregivers. After all, it’s not just about taking time off. It’s about rejuvenating oneself, too. At Avamere at Cheyenne, we understand this and offer help by providing top-notch respite care services. In other words, while you’re catching your breath or tending to other responsibilities, we ensure that your loved ones are comfortable and secure.

Social Interaction

Respite care provides seniors opportunities to meet and socialize with people going through many of the same things. It’s not just about tending to medical needs and providing support while caregivers are out. It’s also about having fun.

Professional Support and Expertise

We know that caregiving isn’t a 9-5 job. It extends around the clock. Our dedicated staff ensures continuous support so that when primary caregivers take their much-needed break, they can do so worry-free.

See What We Offer to Seniors in Las Vegas, Nevada

Senior Services and Amenities

Compassionate Care

  • Personalized care
  • Medication reminders
  • Health and wellness checks

Day-to-Day Life

  • Vibrant activities calendar
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • In-house transportation

Personal Well-Being

  • Fitness classes
  • Cozy, comfortable living spaces
  • Housekeeping and maintenance


  • 24-hour staff
  • Emergency call system
  • Advanced safety features

We Offer Support During Critical Times

Types of Respite Care

Avamere at Cheyenne is proud to offer residential respite care and emergency respite care for seniors in Las Vegas, Nevada. When you need short-term or temporary care at a trusted Las Vegas assisted living center, give us a call.

Our commitment to excellence runs deep. We lighten the caregiving load while ensuring your loved ones are well taken care of. Now, we know that deciding on respite care isn’t always easy, but with Avamere at Cheyenne, it feels right because you know our priority is quality senior support – just like yours. Our respite care includes 24/7 staffing, medical support, daily activities, and much more.

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Avamere at Cheyenne Lobby Area

Respite Care for Seniors in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Answers From Our Respite Care Community | Las Vegas, Nevada

What is respite care?

Respite care gives temporary relief to people caring for seniors. Professionals step in to help out so that caregivers can take time off as needed.

Is respite care a good idea?

Yes, respite care in Las Vegas is a great idea for seniors. It offers relief, restores balance, and renews strength for caregivers in need of a break.

How do I get respite care for my mother or father?

To get respite care for your mother or father, all you have to do is contact us. We’ll help set you up with a tour of our assisted living community here in Las Vegas.

What is the difference between hospice and respite care?

Hospice care provides comfort and care for those with terminal illnesses. Respite care is where we step in to take over caregiving responsibilities on a short-term basis.