Tegan Dein and resident at Avamere at Cheyenne in Las Vegas, Nevada

Seniors at Avamere at Cheyenne are truly living the high life! Their assisted living community is buzzing with excitement and friendships old and new.

A grand tea party

Avamere at Cheyenne threw a grand tea party – and they went all out! The party featured real eclectic tea sets (which the Director of Community Relations Tegan Dein scoured online to find) and cream cheese and black olive sandwiches (one of Tegan’s grandmother’s recipes).

The room was decorated beautifully, setting the perfect mood for a fancy tea party.

This was the community’s first tea party, and it was such a hit that the staff are already planning to hold another one!

Making their own fun

Being in Las Vegas just minutes from the Strip, residents enjoy trips to the casinos and visits from some of the best entertainers in the world. But they even make their own fun right at home!

Residents recently enjoyed a sock hop, a popular dance for teens in the mid-20th century. They enjoyed root beer floats, chili cheese dogs, and some of the women dressed up like the Pink Ladies!

They have even more exciting activities coming up. The Avamere at Cheyenne team is planning an art display featuring antique art the community has had for about 20 years. They plan to serve wine and cheese while residents enjoy the artwork.

Finding friendships and love

“The relationships are the magic in my community,” Tegan said.

She sees a group of about 10 gentlemen reading the newspaper every morning together. One of the men isn’t able to verbally communicate, and the guys “adopted” him and write notes together.

“They just adore him,” Tegan noted.

She has also seen a group of ladies who are always together – at every activity and in every setting. They’re known as the Golden Girls.

“They support one another,” Tegan shared about all the residents. “It’s not a circle; it’s a horseshoe.”

Tegan has even seen residents fall in love in their assisted living community.

“It’s just companionships, and it’s so pure,” she commented.

Staff and resident BFFs

In addition to the friendly residents, staff and residents also bond!

“My BFF is 90 years old and she lives here,” Tegan said.

Their friendship began when Cathy Arness turned to Tegan for help. With macular degeneration, Cathy couldn’t see and desperately needed a ride. Tegan sent the driver to pick her up.

Tegan soon learned that Cathy lost her teenagers to a car accident many years ago. Tegan had also lost a son of her own, giving the two an instant connection.

“We hit it off from day one,” Tegan said. “We understood each other.”

Tegan usually goes with Cathy to doctor appointments and surgeries to be there when she needs someone most.

“She just makes me smile,” Tegan shared. “She spreads sunshine.”

Tegan expressed how much Cathy loves living at Avamere at Cheyenne. Cathy often shares from her heart to people touring the assisted living community about how happy she is there.

Spreading love in assisted living

Avamere at Cheyenne is truly a special place all because of the staff and residents. Everyone strives to help everyone feel loved – from reading a newspaper together to enjoying fun activities to the birthday bear and balloons each resident receives from the staff.

“I’m in love with what we get to do for people,” Tegan said.

Visit Avamere at Cheyenne to see the fun and friendships for yourself! Find them at 6031 Cheyenne Avenue in Las Vegas or on Facebook @AvamereAtCheyenne.